Request and Retrieval for IC&I Property Value Summary (PVS) - Up to 10 Properties
The PVS Report provides a summary of the valuation for the property. It may be requested online by the owners of IC&I properties. Agents may also request this information by obtaining the PIN from the owner. Possession of the Assessment Roll Number/PIN proves authorization.

The PVS is only available for ICI (Industrial, Commercial and Investment) properties.

Complete the information below and click Submit. It may take a few minutes to generate the PVS. You will be able to save or print the report from this screen.

Please contact
or call 1.866.valueBC (1.866.825.8322) if you have any comments or questions.
Enter the Assessment, Jurisdiction, Roll Number and PIN of each property
[Help finding the Area, Jurisdiction, Roll and PIN on the Assessment Notice]
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